Max Total Security- Anti-Virus

Max Total Security- Anti-Virus

By Max Secure Software India Private Limited

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Max Total Security is designed to provide complete protection for your Mac. Max Total Security secures the device against viruses and malware, and even provides Device Locator in case of theft and Safe Browsing protection. Now with real-time protection on the most active directories. Our Mac Anti-Malware engine is OPSWAT Bronze Certified. Customizable virus protection enables safety from worms, Trojans, virus and malware. Easily and quickly quarantine malware by scanning critical locations. Max Total Security allows you to track the location of your Mac and even sound an alarm on your Mac through a web portal. Max Total Security also safeguards against Internet-based threats through the Safe Browser for Mac. Prevents the interception of your financial information while using online banking and shopping.Effectively blocks phishing and malicious websites. Key Features of Max Total Security: - Anti-Virus: Real-time protection for your Mac against viruses, Trojans and malware with Full Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan facility - Adware scanner: Scan for the latest adware threats which slow down browsing and show you pop-ups - WiFi Scan: Scan for behavior based threats through your WiFi like MITM and ARP attacks - Live update to latest virus signatures - Device locate : Capture snapshots in case of a theft. Allows location tracking of your Mac and even sounds an alarm to detect your Mac through a web portal. - Safe Browsing : Perform online transactions safely and securely, without hackers intercepting your banking information. Safeguards against malicious and phishing website. - 24 x 7 Live Customer Support For more visit: -Max Total Security comes with one year subscription, after which you can subscribe to additional auto-renewable subscription. (Device Locator is available for lifetime, no renewal is needed for it) -The subscription includes Max Total Security live database updates, safe browser & AntiVirus scan & quarantine for one year. -After the first year, the price is $29.99 for yearly auto-renewable subscription and $3.99 for monthly auto-renewable subscription. -It can be managed under your iTunes account settings. -No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
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  • max securities

    By freddyw97
    does not do update and shuts.
  • Definitely does NOT work!

    By Hoolie007
    As I am runing the app to scan all my computer I have crazy popups on my internet browser and the app did not find anything wrong with that. In the meantime I paid $40 and cant use safari. How is this permitted by apple?
  • Nice interface packed with features, updated!

    By AnnaMatthew7
    Upgraded from the AntiVirus app for more features. Have been using it for a few weeks now, this app is works good on my Macbook Air. Though the scan takes some time, it manages to scan all my directories. and its recently added new feature Real Time Protection work great !! it runs quietly in the background and automatically scanned every file you create, copy & modify. The safe browser & anti-theft are great features for the Macbook. One of my favorite security apps. Definitely recommend it to my friends. They also added the adware scanner & give regular database updates. Nice service from Max Secure Software. Just got the new update with real time scanning. It has been keeping the adware away.
  • WORST Anti-Virus software ever

    By Jeffman the Dakster
    I paid the $39.99 price thinking that this software would actully work. After spending some time with it, I realized that this app is completely FAKE. I emailed the company 2 months ago and still have never heard back. I sent an additional email and am still awaiting a reply. Apple, please take this off your App Store; it is the worst application EVER. It didn’t even work—I’ve had at east 5 viruses and a lot of malware that went undetected by the software. One agan, please DO NOT BUY this app. I never write reviews for apps, however this anti-virus software was so terrible, it is worth my time to ensure that no one else makes the same mistake I did.
  • person

    By kitchenck
    This is the worse virus…what ever it is! Apple help!!!!!

    By Neuton25
    I downloaded this app from the MAC Store for $39.99 and the first year subscription was supposed to be included with the initial download. After the app downloaded and installed NONE OF THE FEATURES WOULD WORK UNLESS I PURCHASED AN ADDITIONAL ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FOR ANOTHER $24.99. So I contacted the Max Total Security technical support and they told me that I needed a registration key from the inside of the CD case. When I informed them that I downloaded it online from the Apple Store they were surprised to hear that I was able to buy it online and they were unable to help me. This app does not work as advertised and I will be asking for a full refund from the App Store. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!
  • Neat antivirus for mac. nice update

    By Robinson_Cena
    Have been using Max Secure’s AntiVirus for more than a year now, just upgraded to this app. The live scanning is a unique feature that no other app has, which is great for protection. The safe browser and Mac tracker work great too. They have a really quick & helpful customer service. I would highly recommend their product. Has been cleaning my Mac from Adware for more than one year now! The real time scanning in the new update works great.
  • I must be completely stupid I guess

    By TuneBetty
    Because I can’t seem to select my hard drive to run this scan. I sure don’t want to scan individual apps one at a time. What a total waste of money. If anyone can help me set this up I would be grateful because frankly customer support was vague and when you select Help in the app, it says it can’t be found. I should have just flushed $40 down the toilet, it would have been more satisfying!
  • this app never compleate scan

    By TarekBahaa
    this application need too much memory work very very very slow compeard with any peaier app tow dayes of work and can not compleate 30 GB of data it’s useless