Subliminals Work

Subliminals Work

By iMobLife Inc.

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-08-27
  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 62.84 MB
  • Developer: iMobLife Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.
Score: 4
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Improve your life with subliminal stimulus! Subliminal Recordings use Positive Voice Affirmations that can bypass your conscious and penetrate your subconscious. They are repeated at a volume level just low enough so you may not hear them. However, your subconscious will notice them and they work on your subconscious. With the help of these voice affirmations, you can reprogram your subconscious easily and make great progress. They will help you achieve the goals you are longing for! All subliminal recordings are recorded by Christine Hogan, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds an LCSW and a Master's Degree in Social Work. It's your mind at stake, so assure yourself you are dealing with professionals. A 30-minute Relaxation subliminal recording (value of $6) will be already in your Library along with the app’s download. Currently, subliminal recordings in Subliminals Work involve a variety of categories. They can help you gain wealth, have a positive mind, become much healthier, achieve better personal development, lose weight, have a good relationship with your partner and so on. Features: -Professionally recorded subliminal recordings with high sound quality -Free samples to let you try each subliminal recording first -Background music and bells to accompany the recordings -Multiple subliminal subjects to choose from Categories available now: Money and Wealth, Personal Therapy, Positive Thinking, Health and Appearance, Personal Development, Weight Loss, Brain Development, Relationship, Social Skills Recordings available now: Manifest Wealth, Become a Millionaire, Save Money, Win the Lottery, Attract Success, Attract Money, Get Your Dream Car, Get Your Dream House, Depression Help, Addiction Help, Anxiety Treatment, Attention Disorder, Relaxation, Find Harmony, Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Others, Positive Attitude, Live Happy, Stop Worrying, Become Lucky, Healthy Lifestyle, DNA Repair, Fountain of Youth, Clear Complexion, Stop Hair Loss, Quit Smoking, Pain Relief, Become More Creative, Build Courage, Build Leadership, Self Esteem Increase, Boost Self-Confidence, Law of Attraction, Love Yourself, Develop Charisma, Anger Management, Weight Loss, Start Eating Healthy, Diet Willpower, Keep the Weight off, Improve Logical Thinking, Become Detail Oriented, Problem Solving Skills, Speed Reading, Attract Women, Confidence with Women, Attract Men, Confidence with Men, Attract Your Soul Mate, Become Romantic, Improve Communication Skills, Become an Extrovert, Become Funny, Enjoy Meeting People and more to come...



  • Download??

    By R3m3mb3rM3
    Was really excited to use this app but it won’t let me buy any other playlists? Everytime i click to purchase another recording it does nothing so im just stuck with the free sound bite from the beginning
  • Customer service is none existent

    By Grandviewlakefarm
    I would love to be stating how wonderful this app is but I didn’t get to use it long enough to tell. Much of what I’d read says that subliminal messages don’t work without other behavioral changes. Other things I’ve read said it didn’t work. Because of my health, I thought it would be good since I was already changing other behavior such as trying to take time to relax. I purchased the Super Package. I had trouble with the app malfunctioning within a few weeks. I lost everything but the free recording. I could not restore purchase because it didn’t give me the option. Going through the app store showed the purchase but the purchased button was blurred and would do nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it did not fix it. I contacted support and did everything they asked from explaining to sending screen shots so they could see. I’d updated regularly. Then the update to the update that caused the problem I had didn’t work and made it worse. Contact stopped from support so I thought they were working on the problem. I got a refund for the app that I did not ask for. I contacted support immediately telling them that I wanted the app, I’d never asked for a refund. The answer was "We did a promotion at that time and the price tag was $99.99. However, the deal ended and we can't do anything about it. We regularly have great deals. I will let you know as soon as we get the promo information.” The app malfunctioned, I did nothing but what they requested. As a business owner, I would never treat a customer like this.
  • help you become who you want to be

    By Serena Queen
    It’s a great app, the function is awesome, you can prctise to be the person you want to be, it really helps me get relaxed and it also help me become more confident . it can help me to make preprations before doing some special things by practing in the themes. hope there are more free themes in future.
  • highly recommended

    By G.Woo
    You should try this app if you feel huge stress and you are always busy with work. You will relax by using this app and then you will be filled of power when you go back to work.
  • Wonderful!!

    By manofnancy
    This app is very helpful for me. I felt relaxed when I used it, every day I am a new person, my mind is calm! I wish there will be more free themes in the app. I want to try more! Highly recommended!
  • I wonder if it is the placebo effect.

    By ufoprofessor
    好吧,作为老外的我很二逼的下了这个应用,因为我想这个应该有助于把平时脑子里自言自语的话逐渐转变成英文,吼吼,也算学习外语了 但是用的时候完全没有楼上几位说的那么有感觉,反倒是这个若有若无的声音让我有点小紧张,也许是英文而不是中文的缘故? 天哪~我是个多么无聊的人呐~
  • Very useful

    By ekms118
    i’ve been using it for the past few hours since I’m a new user but so far I’m impressed with the app’s ability to really keep me relaxed. I’m not sure how the subliminal messages are working on me but the audio really relaxes and helps me destress after a long day. There’s a variety of sublminal messages you can purchase including ways to attract people or to save your money. Pretty useful things in life if I do say so myself. I’d suggest everyone try it, you’ve got nothing to lose and worst case the audio will just relax the heck out of you.
  • Nice app for relaxation

    By Baoxianzhi
    This app plays a voice and I feel relax after listening.We can buy more voice in the store too.Relly worth for me!!
  • A really useful application

    By newstart comeon
    This application is really useful to make my work more effective, I can hear nothing when I use this application, but it really works! I am very happy that I have found a new way to make great progress on my work, I like this very much!