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  • Release Date: 2013-10-18
  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Limmer Creative
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
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The free version of EMT PASS contains one 10-question sample examination with audio rationale answers as well as 7 introductory audios with test-taking tips and information on how to use the app. The full version of EMT PASS 2.0 (requires in-app purchase) is now enhanced with written rationales, newly revised audio rationales, and EMT PASS Predictive Scoring ™ to help you better prepare for your NREMT or state certification exam. The NREMT is a pass or fail exam – it is not about getting 100% of the questions correct- it is about proving you know the material. EMT PASS Predictive Scoring™ will show you if we predict you will pass or not based on your exam performance and whether you have demonstrated you have the required breadth of knowledge. The rationales have been revised to give you not only the answer, but provide you with information you need to be a better test taker and EMT. The rationales are mini 1-2 minute teaching lectures to help you learn to read a question, take apart the puzzle of a scenario or EMS call, and provide the needed pathophysiology knowledge at the EMT level. EMT PASS contains 960 challenging questions in 8 examinations and over 20 hours of audio recordings, EMT PASS™ is the single, high quality tool you need to pass the exam. The app is broken up into three sections. Section one covers the first half of the EMT knowledge base; the second half covers the remaining material. Section three contains two simulated final examinations. But our features don’t stop there: •Use EMT PASS™ at your desktop or on your phone or tablet by using the app or logging into http://LC-Ready.com with your account information. •7 mini-podcasts explain the exam and provide study advice and tactics. •Pause exams if you get a call or go into class. The program resumes where you left off when you are ready. •Each exam has a specific pass/fail cut score based on difficulty level. •You receive customized audio feedback on exams based on your performance. •High quality test questions and detailed audio rationales support users regardless of learning style or reading ability. EMT PASS™ is an exam preparation product like no other. What makes this product unique is the combination of high quality test questions and detailed audio rationales created by Bill Brown, former Executive Director of the NREMT. All exam items in EMT PASS™ are original work. This product is designed to closely simulate the NREMT exam but does not contain any actual NREMT exam items. Limmer Creative and Bill Brown both support and respect the NREMT and its mission.



  • Helps out for registry

    By seth12OH
    I think this app is expensive and the guy talking is rough however these questions helped me study and pass the registry. Registry is a tough test and this will get you into the thinking mode you need for registry.
  • Challenging but worth it.

    By Fiddlerlod
    The assessments in this app are very challenging, way above what you need at the EMT Basic level, you won’t be able to BS your way through these tests, they require a thorough understanding of the material. This is A GOOD THING. You should be trying to go above and beyond in this profession and this app will help to challenge you to not only meet but exceed industry standards... I’ll admit I rarely passed the assessments but I made sure I listed to all the explanations, reviewed my book on the ones that I missed and felt confident in taking the NREMT. Sure the voice is a little tough/harsh but guess what? So is life... so deal with it. If you’re ready for some hardcore studying and someone telling you like it is especially while backing it up with the latest science this is the app for you. Take what he says on board, review and keep driving on... because sometimes you need to be told that your current level of knowledge ain’t gonna cut it. Oh yea and thanks to this app I passed NFEMT on the first attempt. Highly recommended this to all my classmates.
  • Mind Boggling

    By 5starplayerxng
    This is app does have the potential to be used a great study tool, due to the knowledge the owner does have. Although, there are multiple areas within the app that prove otherwise. First off, Limmer as a teacher is too negative (or too "real" in his words) when explaining rationales. It is discouraging and creates a negative study environment. When it's time to learn, no one wants to be put down and told "they should second guess if they should go into this profession". Second, For a person that passed the NREMT on first attempt, I very rarely passed the exams from this app. The material is too far in depth and not precise enough to give a true stance on where a student stands. Overall, this app is not a good representation of the chance a person has at passing the NREMT or not. If you want to go to medical school, by all means, purchase it!
  • The most condescending person in the world.

    By Mustache Von Pancakes
    Listening to Dan Limmers reviews is painful. He is so amazingly condescending. Dan hides behind the curtain of "back in my day.." and "im here to toughen you up not coddle you..." but he comes across as arrogant. In the introduction of this app he announces his robust background in EMS and how he has become the messiah in all things Emergency Medicine, and for the most part he isnt wrong. His background is robust. He has a great pedigree regarding EMS. I used his books in my program (which is well regarded in my state and i did very well in). I cannot say that Dan doesnt know his stuff, in fact hes exceptional at it knowing EMS. He claims the EMT pass app is witten to test you and created in a way to be harder than the NREMT test itself. To his credit his questions are good, albiet very questionable at times, but for the most part they are good. My issue is that he feels the need to give his opinon on every choice you made. For example, numerous questions have an audio recording of him summarizing the question with the words "you chose this? you gotta be kidding me". Right or wrong, Dans opinion doesnt matter, what matters is that you understand the material and the reason why its wrong beyond a "what are you a dummy?" response from the EMT messiah Dan Limmer. Youre better off getting a free app and testing on that over and over with out the annoying east coast good ole' boy trying to tell you why youre an idiot. Im sure ill get all kinds of hate from the EMT fanatics, thats fine. But if I had to sit in the ambulance next to the constant and arrogant critiques that Dan provides, I would happily quit to find another career.
  • Just passed my NREMT

    By LongSlongWasson
    First off let me say that I put it off for way too long for fear of failing. What a stupid idea!! Just take it! Yesterday I finally took my test and I passed! I have to say it was due to how well I did in class and my instructors but this app takes what you already know and teaches you how to use that information for the test. There is no substitute for studying hard, however I must say that without utilizing these practice tests and listening to the rationale for the questions I missed AND the ones I got right I probably would have had to take the exam more than once. Absolutely worth the money. Don't waste your time on other Apps. Study and take your test!! Don't wait until you literally have one day left to take it like I did.
  • Wish the app worked

    By Guest3254672
    I downloaded the app hoping it lived up to the hype from a you tube video I saw. I can't get the sound to work. The questions are decent but the selling point for me is the commentary explaining why. I am still using the 911 toolkit and am happy with the results.
  • EMT-B

    By Ccs, Columbus computer shop
    This test is way way way off course compared to the NREMT.don't waste your money obviously there's a reason why he's not with the NREMT anymore. Unprofessional attitude. Sorry I call it like I see it.
  • EMT-B

    By Judith Marlar
    This is a wonderful app. If you want to pass your National Registry test, this is a great way to study. You will have explanations provided as to why you missed questions so you can learn from your mistakes. It is worth every penny! Thank you EMT PASS!!!!! I passed my test in 70 questions!
  • Great App

    By BP4490
    By far help me more than any other app when preparing for the NREMT. If used properly it will truly teach you to break down every question and get the best answer.

    By EAO12i345
    Took the NREMT and it is absolutely nothing like this. At all. Go to emtprep.com or buy a book instead.