Junior Astronaut - Breaking through the space barrier

Junior Astronaut - Breaking through the space barrier

By Immediate Media Company Limited

Score: 4
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Everyone dreams about boarding a rocket and blasting off to the stars, but have you ever really thought about the science behind such an intergalactic trip?   Come and join our hero, Junior Astronaut as we learn what it takes to actually Break Through The Space Barrier! "Junior Astronaut…is out of this world!" Teacherswithapps.com "...children will come away with a firm grasp of rocketry’s basic principles" Kirkus - Best Apps of 2012 "We’re very excited about Junior Astronaut - a marvellous mix of serious science and playful entertainment" Stuart Dredge - The Guardian "Space is cool again! Jnr Astronaut is a fantastic activity book - highly recommended"  Kris Abel - Newstalk 1010 ✭✭✭✭✭ "This is a wonderful educational app which has beautiful illustrations and a fantastic voice over. It's great to see an app which is both educational, well designed and a lot of fun. Loved wrestling with El Gravitino...awesome!" Parent   Conceived, scripted and designed solely with the iPad in mind, Jnr Astronaut uses beautiful illustration, deep interactivity and creative storytelling to engage, entertain and educate a younger audience (ages 9-15) about the science and wonders of space travel.   Inspired by the legendary kid's space books of the 1950s and '60s, we take on the tough topics of gravity, mass, weight and forces and apply them to this perennially exciting, blockbusting and science-packed adventure.   Working with Adam Mann, Wired magazine's space and physics correspondent, each stage has been hand-crafted with interactivity at the heart of the discovery process and readers are encouraged to learn through active participation. Science covered: • The early development of rockets and gunpowder • Air resistance, drag and aerodynamics • Mass, weight and gravity • Actions and reactions • Forces and their effects PLUS Build your own rocket and test your new knowledge in the Rocket Academy!    Features: • Written, designed and illustrated for the iPad • 28 interactive scenes, each hand-crafted to tell the story of man's greatest achievement • Original artwork by British illustrator Chris Madden • Original music featuring real space communication recordings! • Readers learn through interacting with the content as opposed to just listening or reading • No third-party advertising



  • iOS11 no longer supports this

    By LadyAnimeY
    Very sad as my child loves this app. Wish we could have it working again.
  • Great science app

    By Ron from Tempe
    I think this app is a great teaching tool for learning about rockets and the physics involved. As an engineer who works on rockets and spacecraft I've been searching for apps like this to do with my grandkids. I'm actually working on an app now with my new company Almega Brainware LLC that teaches similar principles but in more of a simulation setting. I think this is best for kids 5-12 since it introduces some complex subjects like center of pressure and center of mass. I look forward to other apps from these developers and highly recommend this one.
  • Written by our four-year old (4.5)

    By Scooterpie75
    I love everything about it. I would rate it 15 stars but my mommy says I can only rate it four. At the beginning you fly an airplane and see it doesn't make it to the moon. It shows you how to make a rocket fly perfect. El Gravitino, space, engines, are all parts. the last part you build your own rocket while you try out all the parts and find the right parts to make it shoot up and lift off right, not gunpowder because that won't work.
  • My 1 yr old loves this

    By Iynestein
    ...as do her parents. We've had this app for a year and it has grown with her or should I say she has grown with it! She continues to come back to this periodically and still seems to be fascinated by the gentle animations and sounds. An engaging and high quality experience that strikes the perfect balance of education and entertainment.
  • Awesome!

    By Deedee1784
    This app is great for my 6 year old who loves space. Some of the concepts are a little over his head but it does a great job of explaining them in a concrete way that he is understanding. Hope to see more!
  • Crashes

    By Timmy Brann
    Fix it please
  • Well done!

    By Violalynte
    My 7 year old son enjoyed this so much, he showed it to his best friend. They sat and went through the whole thing together! Anything that can hold the attention of two 7 yr. old boys is worth the price of admission. I wish the developers would come out with a whole series. The content is right on, & the style in which it is delivered is charming and engaging.
  • We need more like this

    By luxws
    A very accurate and encouraging. Apps can not replace teaching but good ones like this can stimulate the desire to learn more. An excellent format just needs a metric/imperial choice.
  • Fantastic!

    By ras1138
    Our kids love the free section and we'll probably buy the full version in the next few days.
  • Only a black screen...do not waste your time

    By Review for purpose
    Waste of time...does NOTHING...BLACK SCREEN...i have tried reinstalling...turning ipad off and on and rebooting...NOTHING