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CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to electronically communicate with their loved ones incarcerated in institutions. Established through a relationship between a corrections agency and ATG, this system allows family and friends to subscribe to CorrLinks services. Currently all Federal Bureau of Prisons and Department of Corrections (DOC) for the States of Iowa and Oklahoma institutions allow such communication. Note: To use this app, you must have a paid Premier Account subscription. Details are available here: The app has the following features: • Stay in contact with your loved ones with real time alerts. Receive immediate push notifications to your device every time you receive a new message! • Eliminates login on a mobile device! • Messages downloaded significantly faster! • Messages previously read are in your inbox and don’t need to be downloaded again! • Retain all of your messages for 60 days, instead of 30! • Attach up to 3 mobile devices to your account! • Eliminates Captcha on the mobile app – that hard to read verification process! • A Premier Account only costs $6.00 per YEAR! That’s less than $.50 a month! Take advantage of this offer today. If you have issues with the app, please contact CorrLinks support at:



  • Better then nothing

    By lisapatton
    It's better then nothing but not good at all. It says we can send pictures but wet can't. I was logged out for few months in hospital and now I can't get back in to my acct
  • Awesome

    By Dcdvjffhhdcnfsvjdchzc
    Thank you
  • Paid for it and it still not working

    By fub71
    I paid for the upgrade so my app on my phone will work well guess it’s bs cause I paid and it’s still saying I have to upgrade
  • Love it

    By hizmiz2019
    Loved it no longer need it cause he’s home
  • Disgusting

    By Benwhaley
    How disgusting that a company would hold your loved ones hostage by forcing you to have a paid premier account before you can use the app. That is the lowest of the low. A person who has an account and pays money for stamps should be able to use the app. Encourage all your friends and loved ones to use JPay because it seems it’s not just about money with them completely like Corrlinks. Despicable.
  • Pictures

    By Yvette Chan Lee
    I agree, this app should allow pictures. Cops this is something to think about, quit being a..holes.
  • Change

    By kidslady
    It would be great if we could send pictures so our inmates can see their family and stuff. No one prints pictures anymore it’s all electronic now. This upgrade would be such a blessing
  • Difficult at best!

    By Ms.Glass
    Hardest app ever to use! How am I supposed to write a loved one when all I get is a black page when I try to enter their contact info! So frustrating! It’s hard enough to stay in touch now, thanks for making it a lot harder! It’s as if your saying “ too bad your loved one committed a crime, we are going to punish you as well!”
  • Great Idea

    By NeshB247
    I love this app but it should also allow us to send pictures!
  • Love/Hate relationship with this app!

    By Teddlebop
    Love the fact that I can communicate with my guy, this makes it so much easier, but it’s not by any means instant at all so don’t allow the ad to fool you into thinking it’s instant! It takes a few hours before they get our emails regardless of whether you have the premier account or not! Their emails HAVE TO BE MONITORED AND READ before they can get them inside! That’s I think the main complaint by everyone but that’s a given folks, it’s GOT to be that way! The other thing is the little bugs that are being worked out, if you’re having issues, I’ve found that logging out of the app completely and back in usually fixed the problem! Wish like heck they would allow us to upload pictures to send our loved ones though, their emails have to be monitored anyways, so why not make the change in this app and allow US to send pics to them! They’d love to get them, wouldn’t you if you were on the inside like them? Please consider changing that and making sending pictures to our inmates an option for us! You have to monitor their things anyway so it’s no change or extra for the prison to deal with, it’ll make happy campers inside for sure so my thoughts are it’s a win win situaution! Happy prisoners are less likely to have negative impact on fellow prisoners, agree? Lol! Thanks for listening guys!