Social Log - Prevent ID theft

Social Log - Prevent ID theft

By Max Secure Software India Private Limited


Protect & Secure your Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo & Twitter accounts with Social Log. Helps prevent identity theft. Social Log protects your social network accounts by keeping checks on logins, locations and devices. With behavior based security to prevent account intrusion and identity theft. Social Log is an intrusion detection your boosts your privacy and ID security. It keeps scan any suspicious activity and once it detects anything unusual, you will get an immediate alert so you can protect your photos, emails and social networks. Get top internet security protection for these online accounts: - Facebook Privacy - Gmail Protection - Twitter Protection - Yahoo Protection



  • Garbage

    By hdjwjdi
    This app claims a lot and does nothing. Sorry , but I tried to find away to contact developer and wasn’t possible. There’s no menu, no instructions, it doesn’t configure, also not GOOGLE as they say. Just google+ and that won’t even configure with my iPhone accounts. It only offers, fb , google+ , yahoo , and linkin. It’s useless. Just don’t waste your whole $3.