Epic Seven

Epic Seven

By Smilegate Megaport

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-03
  • Current Version: 1.0.73
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.13 GB
  • Developer: Smilegate Megaport
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 5
From 4,782 Ratings


PLAY THE ANIME RPG Epic Seven, an animated RPG world in the palm of your hand ▶ Characters You Can't Stop Thinking About With personality and charm you can only find in 2D, meet the characters of Epic Seven that are so lovable you'll even be thinking about them in your sleep! ▶ Become Captivated by the Story Be captivated until the very end by Epic Seven's engaging and immersive storyline and original animated scenes that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. ▶ A Refreshing Mobile Experience With a sense of adventure that's been lost in most recent mobile games, dive into a journey through an unknown world! No more endless mind-numbing RPG battles! ▶ The Highest Quality but Still Easy to Play Play through Epic Seven with practically no loading times in the highest quality, and with an interface that keeps things simple and allows you pick up or put down the game at any time. ▶ Exhilarating Graphics An engrossing and strategic world filled with endless possibilities. Spectacular eye candy that will keep your brain stimulated. All wrapped in one package to bring you the best experience a mobile game can offer. ※ Epic Seven is available in English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional). *Application Permissions No additional permissions are required.



  • Nice game

    By Hayquahaha
    Đáng để thử.
  • Overhyped equals bad game. -_-;

    Seriously people... why would you overhype this slow heavy grind fest summoners war clone, like Jesus Christ!!! First off, gameplay is combat ready turn base... meaning character with the faster SPD stat will always go first be it he players unit, or the pve content. Second, this games auto is really bad for starters, if you run a map, the statues or treasure chest gets ignored. Yes so you miss out on loot like in game currency bookmarks(used for gacha mechanics) and armor drops! Yes, like I said the games auto focuses on combat, heck even the guardian you select doesn’t get used by the auto fight option. Third, *sigh* gacha rates... This is one of those games where re-rolling is a must no matter what, but be careful, rates for 5* units are low, I mean if you factor in it’s a mixed gacha~ Yes, meaning artifacts and heroes are mixed into the pot like ATEAM’s Valkyrie Connect gacha. Yes when I say low I mean 0.004567%, but thats an example. Finally, if you plan on playing this, beware... this is smilegate we’re dealing with. Just keep in mind this is a gaming company, known for it’s “bait and switch” tactics. Meaning they will intentionally nerf gacha units while buffing pve content due to meta cheese tactics player base develops via “f2p’ing” the game.
  • Great game

    By Slayn29
    Takes some time to build up but not a p2w, more pay to enjoy. my only problems is no auto retry/catalyst/massive grinding to get past pay walls. It’d be awesome to see a daily dungeon based off the catalyst(each day being a different astrological sign, Gemini, cancer etc.) not to mention epic catalyst....aside from these factors definitely one of my favorites
  • This game is Great!!

    By Scrilix87
    I the the art and the graphics and the story is really good too. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this game. It is an amazing find to just have fun and play.
  • Good fun

    By Soulsmack
    Game is pretty fun graphic are good cut scenes look good
  • Awesome

    By Splode epodes
    Very good game
  • Review time

    By TastyFan123
    5/5 Aither is a trap This game is automatically the best On a more serious note, I love the game! I don’t really have much to say since it is just that: the best. Only flaw is that the voice acting just makes the characters sound like robots and I hate that, but the game is still amazing without it! Best Gacha on mobile, and probably one of my favorite games I’ve ever played on mobile. Kudos 👌
  • Needs to become an anime

    By mannx1978
    This game has so many good things about it that some anime are missing if only this did become an anime I’d hope on it so fast it’s not even funny
  • Not bad

    By Reep09
    Worth a try
  • Loved it...until something went wrong

    By Davie.R2D2
    So there are some gripes about the need to grind so much to make the game playable and the drop rates for everything being INSANELY low, and those are all 100% legitimate. For the most part though, this game is very well thought out, pretty deep, has a lot of extra content for you to explore, and has a lot for many different types of gamers. Just pray that nothing goes wrong in your account, because if it does, it will never get fixed. I was playing and I tried a summon, and the game randomly disconnected from the server. I tried to get it to reconnect, but it wouldn’t without me restarting the game. I restarted, and when I do I see that two summons were registered instead of one, and I’m not seeing any new summons or artifacts. Note that I didn’t want to make two summons. So I contact customer support to explain what happened, thinking it’ll be fine, we’ll work something out, they’ll apologize and maybe refund me half or a quarter of my bookmarks, and everything will be ok. But no. First they message me and say that I received two characters that I already owned from before the summon. Then when I told them I had proof that I owned those characters previously, they amended their statement to say no, I received two artifacts. Then, when I clearly and explicitly explained to them that the system forced two transactions instead of one and I did not approve the second one, making it an illegal transaction, they stonewalled me. And now I was looking through the low reviews here, and the same thing is happening to others. Double transactions, even real cash transactions, are occurring and the company is not trying to reimburse their customers for these mistakes. This company is not acting in good faith with their business practices and sometimes are breaking laws outright with this behavior. They should be held responsible and the first step is to tell you all that this is illegal.