Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop

By Matthias Gansrigler

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-10-12
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 4.65 MB
  • Developer: Matthias Gansrigler
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 85 Ratings


Yoink for iPad and iPhone lets you easily and quickly store items you drag, copy or share, for later use. This way, you can collect items in a central place without having to constantly move back and forth between your source- and destination applications. The app accepts almost anything you can drag on your iPad, for example app-content like images from websites, text snippets, web urls, eMails and documents. As a Slide-Over or Side-by-Side app on iPad, Yoink is always ready for you to drag something to it, no matter what app you're in. Just slide Yoink into view and conclude your drag operation. On iPhone, use Yoink's Share extension, or copy-paste items into Yoink. Items are stored in Yoink for later use, featuring rich previews for easy identification and full previews for most file types. Drags containing multiple items are combined into a Stack. Yoink comes with deep system integration: - Action Extension: Almost any item you can share via the system-wide Share sheet, you can send directly to Yoink from there - Keyboard: Yoink has its own keyboard so that inserting items you've stored in Yoink is easy and quick, without having to launch Yoink. - Spotlight Integration Any item in Yoink can be found via Spotlight - and the search-results are draggable. - Files Integration Access Yoink's files from any app that supports iOS 11's document browser



  • Yoink for iPhone

    By iM0tep
    Won’t spend time going over what the dev has already written in description. Yoink is a superb clipboard manager that rules them all. It excels in its user friendly approach and the aha moments of what the app can actually do. Adding content is very smooth through the sharesheet. Content added can be stored into stacks (folders) and I use this to store youtube playlists without login to youtube. Pulling video files from the web and watching them on your iPhone is huge (experiment with this one to get the full idea of what the dev has created for the user). The keyboard feature is a plus as sharing images, videos, etc with friends is simplified. Beyond the app, my questions to the dev are always answered, keeping in mind that it’s just one developer having to respond to the whole world (will be mindful next time I ask a question). Recommending this app to all. The time spent creating it was probably not not equal to the price. Go get it guys ;) To Matt, kudos...your app made it into Africa all the way from Austria! #Wowza
  • Needs Cloud Sync

    By cscwallace
    I'm using a competitor that doesn't look as nice but syncs between devices. I'll most likely switch back if sync is ever added to Yoink
  • Needs Sync and organization

    By scottjl
    No way to sync between phone and tablet. No way to organize clips. I hate to say this but Gladys can do all this and more and is only a buck. Yoink needs to step up its game.
  • Yoink makes your clipboard useful

    By Stever777
    I’ve been a Yoink fan on Mac OS and am thrilled that there’s finally an iOS version. Yoink let’s you collect your clipboard contents—in any format (text, RTF, etc)—and reuse the contents as needed. Yoink comes with a widget that puts your saved clips at your fingertips from the widget or via the app. The developer has a real skill in making things easy to use while packing in a lot of functionality. He’s also extremely responsive to bug reports and feature suggestions. Buy Yoink. You'll be happy you did.
  • Works well for what it is BUT NEEDS CLOUD SYNC

    By FMedDoc
    I have used Yoink on my Mac for some time. Conceptually Yoink is much more “necessary” in the i-Device universe. Yoink works as advertised BUT it is a shame that Cloud-Sync was omitted. Once you use Yoink it becomes immediately apparent that “the missing sync” is a problem (for iPad + iPhone users). I am hopeful that Cloud sync is upcoming, and my star rating will be upgraded at that time as well....
  • Iphone and ipad are not friends?

    By Mirajka
    I was a bit surprised to figure out, that i can not use same buffer for my iphone and ipad together. Oo guys, hope it is temporary and you will add this in the future updates.
  • Great

    By Dr_top
    Its a great app, but needs iCloud support to sync files between ios devices.
  • A few quibbles

    By Spoinlar
    Update: The keyboard is still incapable of “typing” into a text entry field, so this app is still useless for me. Original Review: Overall, a decent clipboard manager. It needs a few refinements before it will fit my use-case, however. So that potential buyers (and the developer) know where I’m coming from, my use-case is as follows: I receive emails with client information which I need to track, which I do using a database app (Ninox). I need to copy multiple pieces of information (usually 12+, all short snippets of text like names, city, etc.) from the email in order to enter them into the database. Since the database app doesn’t support slide-over / side-by-side / drag & drop yet, I need to be able to use the custom keyboard to enter the copied data into the requisite fields. Suggestions for improvements: • A “clear all” button to quickly clear everything currently stored. I need to clear the clippings every time I use this workflow, so that I don’t intermingle client info by mistake, and 12+ taps to do that is clunky when it could be done in one or two. • The ability to pick up things from the system clipboard automatically, in addition to drag/drop. It is impossible to select a 2-letter state abbreviation and then drag & drop it into Yoink (or anything else) - I’ve tried nultiple times, & it just doesn’t work. You inevitably just tap the selection handles, not the content. Since the “copy” option comes up automatically when selecting text, this would streamline the operation. • Display of more items at a time in the keyboard. The “buttons” are inordinately large if the only things stored are the length of a zip code. A preference setting to adjust this would be really nice. • The ability to tap a “button” on the keyboard and have it paste or type the contents where the insertion point is, instead of having to drag/drop everything. Not all apps support drag/drop (my primary destination app is a prime example here), and for those that don’t, this app becomes completely useless because you can’t get the data out of it and into where it needs to go. So, to sum up: Overall, it’s a nice app, and it does what it claims to do. It just doesn’t work for my use-case right now.
  • A excellent useful App

    By paulpmcmahon
    It's exciting to see such a great update to an App that was off to a good start with potential for the future that you can see. Ability to create folders is a bit of a wish and a bit of eye candy but based on the quick reply to a URL scheme question I suspect the developer is going to be active. It's darn close to being a clipboard also that's it was great to see the developer really know his own app and have an idea what people want that more integration was added. Finally I would say the 2.99 is close to if not already a bargain. Thanks for the URL schemes.
  • Nice, but no inter-device copying.

    By NoGoodNick
    Its a nice product, though the keyboard is a bit awkward, but I was hoping it would offer inter-devicecopying.