Road Trip Planner™

Road Trip Planner™

By William Modesitt

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2016-03-31
  • Current Version: 4.6.97
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 6.31 MB
  • Developer: William Modesitt
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,106 Ratings


Place pins on a worldwide map for each location you want to visit, then see your route. Enter trip details for each location and create a complete trip itinerary. Multiple sample files are available, including an informative Route 66 sample file. You can demo this app by downloading our free RTP Viewer app. RPT Viewer is virtually identical to this app except with RTP Viewer you can’t save your edits. MAP PINS HOLD WHAT YOU NEED. Each pin shows: - arrival date & time - departure date & time - travel time to this location - time spent at this location - name of pin (such as John’s house) - address of pin - notes and images - custom pin color and icon - URL for related information - URL for related images - weather reports - transport type (driving or walking) - Internet Search results - list of activities (lodging, sights to see, etc.) - choose between multiple routes (if available) - view driving distance between pins, driving time, fuel cost, travel advisories, turn-by-turn driving directions - Export pin data to your calendar. EACH PIN CAN HAVE MANY ACTIVITIES. For each activity you can record: - name of activity - activity date, time and duration - cost - phone - FAX - address - URL - email address - confirmation number - notes - picture There are two types of pins. Route Pins are used to create the route. POI Pins mark points of interest on the map. Choose between Apple Maps, OpenStreet Maps or various other maps. Cache non-Apple maps to disk for offline use. See the settings and Help for more info. For air and rail routes a straight line can be displayed between pins. Add, remove or rearrange the pins in any order you wish. Routes and pins can be sent to Apple Maps. Import and export GPX data files. Each trip can be saved as a separate document. Perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a record of past trips. VIEW YOUR TRIP ON YOUR MAC with our Road Trip Planner app available from the Mac App Store. Send location data to Road Trip Planner directly from any of our location-savvy apps. THE ITINERARY HOLDS ALL OF THE DETAILS. Share it and take it with you. - print the itinerary or share it easily - includes a map image with pins and routes, activities for each Route Pin, costs for each activity, total fuel cost, total trip cost, information for Points of Interest Pins, and driving instructions. USE THE TO-DO CHECKLIST. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Development is very active and we have many more features planned. We respond quickly to suggestions and questions in our forum. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR AN ISSUE. We promise we'll respond as quickly as we can. For more info visit the Road Trip Planner web site at PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING: The mapping and routing functionality Road Trip Planner uses is based upon Apple’s maps technology. If Apple Maps cannot find a route between map pins, then neither can Road Trip Planner. Please test the area you wish to travel using Apple’s Maps app to ensure that the area can be routed. If it cannot be routed, please submit the issue to Apple. If Apple Maps cannot perform routing in the area you wish to travel then neither can Road Trip Planner. Developers, if you'd like to learn how to send location data from your app to this app, contact us.



  • Bad program

    By 50kicking
    Incredibly too hard to navigate
  • Super helpful but bad locations

    By JiggyTDawg
    We used this app for a cross-country road trip and it was super helpful. We were able to pick our destination for the next day and then divide that leg into reasonable stops. The only issue we ran into, and this may be a google maps issue, many of the historical or random attraction stops either didn’t exist or were not accurate. We ended up in someone’s driveway more than once thinking it would be a historical site.
  • Great

    By Pete236894
    Great help on travel plans
  • Hard to navigate

    By Willnbjhfdryjin
    Good idea but bad user ops.
  • This blows.

    By stonecupid
    Not reading my file!!!

    By t28484w
    This app does not work at all. Says it is free then will charge you 6.49$ days later! 😡😡 ITS A SCAM
  • Great application suite

    By Davelsumner
    This app is incredibly functional on both IOS and Mac. The portability of the files among devices is what pulled is in, but it has a lot more to offer. I highly recommend it.
  • Need to make it so simple a lawyer can use it!

    By Grounds for Divorce
    Too complicated!!
  • This app falls short compared to others

    By Rocking_Ran_
    I know this app claims to help you plan a trip and it does do that. But for the price I found one that also navigates and alerts you of weather and traffic alerts ahead without changing your route until you decide to change the route. The app InRoute will only work on your iPhone not your Mac. I use it to plan my motorcycle rides. It is easy to use and very intuitive. Check out the app “ InRoute “ in the App Store. Road Trip Planner is just that. It will not help you navigate your trip without a lot of help from another app!
  • welcome back to MS DOS

    By Ctfsgukhfd
    If you are old like me and learned computers from ancient times and had to memorize keyboard combinations to make anything logical happen on the screen then you will likely be able to muddle your way through this app to find a frustrating line drawn across the map to more than one place. But hopefully you are also bald like me because you will try to pull out your hair in frustration while doing so. For example: We want the map page to show miles. App deleloper tells us to go to callouts, change settings, and presto he says we will see mileage. But of course we don't. You can only see the mileage to or from a touched poi. The app developer has obviously never used Microsoft Streets and Trips (by far still the best mapping program ever made!) because if he had he would combine the functionality of the magnifying glass and the disappearing/morphing plus button into one search bar that never leaves the top of the screen. My father was the kind of guy who was always right and never listened to constructive feedback so I am an expert at cutting my losses and moving on. It was worth $6 to me just to write this review. Lots of reviewers have expressed frustration with the user interface of this app. They are all correct. It is needlessly complicated. The app developer obviously has the coding skills to make working apps, but he needs to learn the business skills to listen to his customers and make the user interface as easy as Streets and Trips. If a 5th grader can't sit down with an ipad and plan a route w/o help, the app needs continuous improvement.