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Score: 4.5
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Activity++ is designed to help you make sense of all the health and fitness data being collected by your Apple Watch...and motivate you to be even more active! - A simple timeline of your daily progress towards your fitness goals - Track your goal streaks and see how long you can keep on going - Tap a day to quickly see a more detailed view - Rest Day analysis of streaks lets you keep a streak going on rest days - Get a summary report of your activity to track your best days - Better Complications for your watch (including monochrome utility) - Detailed Glance view showing both goal and detailed stats. Note: + Activity++ requires an Apple Watch to collect the data it displays + Activity++ integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to retrieve the data it displays. It can display your Activity, Active Calorie, Stand Hours and Exercise Minutes data.



  • Worst money spent ever

    By Ghazi.J
    It’s the most useless app, it has less information than the original activity app, I wasted my time and money on nothing
  • Every Apple Watch user should purchase

    By jfh_007
    I purchased the app around the time that it was released and have been extremely happy with it thus far. Every Apple Watch user should purchase this app!
  • Another great app -

    By HannaBayoud
    All looks great as usual. The complication looks very useful and more visual than the one from Apple. Unfortunately it does not refresh as often as the one from Apple. Still a great app to have.
  • Good app with problems

    By Really Apple? Really?
    It's 5/2/17 but last recorded activity was 4/27/17 even though I've exercised between dates. Later tried turning phone off which fixed this problem. Standing hours is nice but if you have to sit through days of meeting/trainings that distorts personal goals. Rest of app works well for keeping me motivated & reaching new goals!
  • Gone weird

    By The slugggg
    Last few days totally inaccurate. !!! Burn 800+ calories, walking 4+ miles and only get 19 minutes activity ?? Ridiculous. Will try another day or so then delete.
  • Poor Support and Poor Performance

    By Lightspeed23
    This app stops working from time to time. It continues to track daily data on the Apple Watch (Series 2), but it intermittently stops syncing with the iPhone (7+). Restarting the watch and phone does nothing to help. Today is 4/29/17 and the app has not synced with my phone since 4/23/17. I also sent an email directly to the app support email address in 4/27/17 and have gotten no response. I am very disappointed that I wasted my money.
  • Kilojoule option added

    By JT33333
    This last feature unlocks a 5 star review for a great app that does a much better job of tracking your watch activity than Apple's option.
  • Great visualization of activity

    By User717581
    Great visualization of your activity, much clearer than the stock Activity app. Also shows streaks to keep you going, while at the same time forgiving a rest day once every week.
  • Best Fitness Tracker

    By Scott22
    Simple app with great design.
  • So much better than stock

    By youngm7
    I love the ability to see my active calorie average, easily flip through historical activity data, and the "cheat" feature for streaks is neat as well. this is absolutely a must-have app for anyone that uses the Apple Watch as an activity tracker.