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Watch popular hit series, brand new shows, and live car events you can’t access anywhere else. • Stream the latest episodes, available only here first • Access the entire library, with new shows added daily! • Watch Roadkill, Dirt Every Day, HOT ROD Garage, Head 2 Head, Fast N’ Loud and Texas Metal available 24/7 on-demand • Create your own personal lists and watch what you want anytime or anywhere - your account works across your favorite screen 24/7: phone, tablet, TV, and on your computer. • Continue watching and pick up where you left off across devices. • Start watching today, with no subscription or sign up required! With our Premium experience you can unlock: • An ad free experience • Exclusive shows like Roadkill Extra and Dirt Every Day Extra you can’t see anywhere else • More automotive events, exclusive Documentaries, Films, and Motorsports both live and on-demand and much more!* Please note, your account will be charged after a 14-day free trial within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscription automatically renews unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes account. Any cancellation elected during an active subscription period will not be effective until after the conclusion of the then-current subscription period. You can manage your subscription after purchase by accessing your iTunes account. *Live-streaming content is only available when licensed live events are occurring. Rights restrictions prevent certain content from being viewed in all countries. Check for more information. Terms of Use:



  • Update the video size!

    By Qwertyasdfgzxcvvgtyh
    I’ve been using MTOD since Roadkill stopped putting new episodes up on YouTube. No biggie. I’m not gonna cry over $4.99 a month when I watch 80% of the shows on MTOD. My huge complaint is the video size! On both my iPhone X and now Xs Max, there’s a huge amount of wasted space around the whole video. On my big Xs Max, the video is probably 4”, if that. 5.5” screen but only 4” of video. It’s extremely frustrating. Makes it seem like you’re using an app that was designed for an iPhone 6, and hasn’t been updated. On YouTube I can watch the video with a mode to fill the screen, but keep it out of the “notch” or I can pinch to zoom and fill the whole screen. It’s a night and day difference having that option. MTOD doesn’t even fill the screen to the notch. It’s got an inch gap.
  • Great Content. App doesn't perform as well as youtube

    By Ry.Bent
    I recently purchased a subscription because I was no longer able to watch my favorite shows (Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage) on youtube. This app works. But I hate that I can't see the time at the top of my phone while in app. Also if I close my phone and open it back up to unpause a video the scrolling wheel stays spinning on the screen the whole time. Lastly I don't understand why there is no comment section on these videos or like/dislike buttons. Wouldn't it make sense for motortrend to get feedback on their videos???? So frustrating. The videos remaining on youtube have comment sections disabled as well. (Probably because motortrend knows everyone is angry they now have to pay for what was once free entertainment).
  • Lousy performance

    By Rtrmech
    Glad I only signed up for the free trial. Worked for 32 minutes and then was not able to live stream. Why would someone pay money for a service that doesn't work consistently?
  • The new standard for ridiculous ads

    By Go Healthy
    Absolutely horrible number of 45 second ad spaces every 3 or 4 minutes of viewing time. These guys are not movie stars with multi-million dollar contracts and video production is painfully inexpensive these days. Following a predictable trend, much like the website, these people are going to tweak and upgrade everything until it’s unusable. This app crashes my iPad and their website is so advertising-rich and content-heavy that it crashes my iPad also.
  • MTOD

    By BBChev
    I just tried to sign up for the trial period. And I did, only to find that the latest offering were blocked. So, I cancelled the trial. My rating? A big zero for a PITA platform that is hard to access and manage.
  • Update

    By mdsmle
    Please update this for the xs max
  • Had high hopes for this cool channel

    By Dadandkidsad$@!?
    Love all the content. But holy commercials bat man. 3 commercials every 3-6 minutes. Are you trying to get people to subscribe by jamming commercials in every chance you get. You tube was much better
  • iTunes subscription doesn’t work cross platform

    By Linds!!!!!
    I subscribed to MTOD on my Apple TV via my iTunes account, yet I cannot sign in on the iPhone app with that same iTunes account. That’s incredibly stupid and ignores the whole point of the iTunes subscription model. MTOD help center says it’s because iTunes doesn’t provide MT with my email address. However, Hulu and HBO Now both have it figured out and provide single sign on across Apple and web platforms with my iTunes credentials. Get it together, Motor Trend!
  • Quit with the ads

    By rednecked f150
    When you start a video it starts with ads when you watch for more than 5 minutes theres an add to interupt when you skip a little theres an add and once that happens it gliches and guess what you guessed it an add
  • Sad really

    By wouldnt download
    Motor trend ruined roadkill and all it’s other shows for the sake of making a quick buck. Finnegan and frie sold out along with them, and motor trend disabling YouTube comments to prevent backlash and effectively cancelling the viewers opinions was just plain grimy. And they said that all the shows will still be free with a wait time and ads, but wouldn’t ya know they are all locked now, requiring pay to watch them. Liars.. I’ll chalk roadkill off as a show that just ended early and never watch again.