Circle: Smart Family Controls

Circle: Smart Family Controls

By Circle Media Incorporated

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2015-11-04
  • Current Version: 2.0.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 53.56 MB
  • Developer: Circle Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3
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Circle is the smart way for families to manage content and time online, on any device. Circle works with your home Wi-Fi and manages every device on your network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them. Setup is a cinch, and customizing Circle for your unique family is quick and easy! ----- Managing Screen Time and Content Has Never Been Easier - Set Time Limits for popular apps and websites - Set individual Filter levels for each of your family members - Reward your kids by bumping up their Time Limits, extending their BedTime, or removing an OffTime for the day Give Your Kids a Break from Their Devices - Set BedTimes for every family member and avoid late night surfing - Pause the Internet for an individual family member and their devices, or the whole network with a single tap - Use OffTimes to schedule Internet-free times throughout the day or week Be in the Know with Every Device in Your Home - Circle tracks Usage by Profile, not by individual device, so you can keep tabs on all your kids’ devices in one place - Circle makes it easy to differentiate all the web-connected devices in your home 5 Minute Setup, No Joke! There's nothing worse than getting a new gadget and then taking all day to configure and even longer to manage. Circle was designed with busy parents in mind to be super simple to set up, and even easier to manage. Geek cred not required. ----- GET STARTED WITH CIRCLE You can start using Circle if you have a Circle device or a supported NETGEAR router. Learn more about Circle at ----- CIRCLE GO Subscribe to Circle Go to manage your family’s mobile devices no matter what network they’re on. Learn more about Circle Go at ----- NEED HELP? If you have any questions, need any help with Circle, or want to provide any feedback, you can contact our Support Team at or go to ----- OPTIONAL IN APP SUBSCRIPTIONS - Pricing & Terms Circle Go and Circle Premium (for supported NETGEAR routers) are optional automatic renewing subscriptions. Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renewing is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period. Current subscribers can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by visiting iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Circle Go: $4.99 USD / month ( Circle Premium (for supported NETGEAR routers): $4.99 USD / month ( Privacy policy: Terms of use:



  • It’s a start, but it’s still early.

    By JBN77
    It's a start, but it's not perfect. We got this because we were handing over my old iPhone 6 (wifi only, no cellular/data service) to my 7 year old and wanted control over what she could access and for how long. We are using Circle and the iPhone's own parental controls together, so I cannot evaluate Circle on it's own. Here's what I like about it: - It can grow with us as a family and allow us to gradually give access to things like social media yet while in "kid" mode these are all automatically blocked. - I can block specific websites, both proactively and if need be retroactively if she's found/stumbled on something that snuck through the other controls but I deem inappropriately for any reason. - I can block some particular apps/"platforms" which I find inappropriate for her age (e.g., YouTube, etc.) - I can set time limits for overall online use and for specific types of applications and it sends alerts to both her phone and ours when she is nearing those limits. - Easy to block ads that pop up during apps/games. - Facilitates limit setting and clear boundaries. What I wish was different: - Although it sends a "history" of all websites visited that day, this does not at all reflect what she actually did. Many of these were autovisited by the phone (had no idea it did this) when she was nowhere near it. For example, it may go to a million times a day for no apparent reason and this not only shows up in her history but it also counts against her total time spent online for the day (mostly falling under "Science & Technology" as you'll see just about everything else does as well), averaging about 5-10 minutes per day of calculated online time that she didn't actually do. But it also lists websites that are clearly somehow associated with the apps she is using (ad agencies, etc.) yet I know that she never actually clicked on anything or went to the web explicitly. This makes this feature (for us, at this stage in her internet use at least) more frustrating than helpful. - Not all the apps she uses actually stream online content (vs. load locally then disconnect) and therefore the time spent on them doesn't seem to factor into how much time she's been online. So it doesn't so much regulate the amount of total tech time as it does time spent online. While I understand this, since it's connected to the wifi router directly, you'd think that since there was also a locally installed app that you'd be able to somehow manage the screen/app directly through the apps and not just through the router. This has the potential to create unnecessary battles (e.g. "you've had enough time on your phone for today." child: NO, it still says I have X minutes left."). - Unless the app you're interested in is listed by Circle as a separate "platform" you can't set limits on particular apps, but rather on the classification that Circle has assigned to the type of app. This is also frustrating as it seems all of my daughter's allowed apps fall into the "Science and Technology" category, even though some (e.g. Crossy Road) are clearly more "game" while others (e.g. "First Grade Friendzy") are much more educational. But I have to set one limit that applies to all of them together, because this is how Circle has categorized them. So in the end, I'm glad I bought it, but I'm also glad that I played with it for a week or so before I gave it to her so that I had a better understanding of it's limitations and glitches. Circle gives a little more peace of mind that she's protected, as well as helps put her in control of limiting her own usage (she's very good about putting it away when it says her time on Science & Technology is up - once we taught her what this means). But in the end, it does not replace good parenting and oversight and she's still on the device more than I want her to be because some of her apps just aren't getting counted (she hasn't figured this out yet, so it hasn't become something she's exploiting). It would be great if the Circle device and the MyCircle app would somehow supplement each other for greater controls of overall SCREEN time and not just online time, and it would be great if it was able to list out time spent on each app, and not just provide a list of random websites the phone somehow accessed in the background. But it's a start ...
  • 👎🏻

    By Dave's Apple ID
    In all, the my circle and circle app needs improvements. First, it slows down your WiFi and makes all the devices slower because of one box. Next, it seems like it could be showing false information because it said I was on twitter when I don’t even have a Twitter account. The app was wrong and it shows false things. Finally, it said I was on my phone for 20 minutes one time when I was only on it for 5 minutes. It purposely says you were on it longer to speed up your time limit and use it all up so your phone can shut down. Also, the my circle app is really cheesy and needs to be friendly for all ages because it seems like it’s aimed for 6 year olds. I don’t like the idea of circle so please improve it. It is not worth $100.
  • Completely Unuasble

    By Seeeeeeeel
    Just purchased a NETGEAR Orbi and it says it comes shipped ready for Circle. Unfortunately Circle is clueless to this and tries updating the firmware when the firmware is the latest V2.0.0.56. All I get is a message that says “Something went wrong. Firmware does not support Circle”. NETGEAR says it does so clearly there is a problem in the testing process!
  • My kids hate this!!!

    By Mememe123456789me
    The fact that my kids hate this little device and spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the house is great entertainment. I love hitting the pause button and hearing the groans as my kids drag them selves from their caves to do chores and home work. Best, Device, Ever!!!! The only issue is if your kid is tech savy they can hack with a VPN or other stuff. So you have to keep on top of those web addresses and block them.
  • Collosal garbage

    By Friardog
    By far the least user friendly thing i have ever used. Never even got thru the initial setup before giving up. It shouldn’t be that complicated
  • Unusable

    By MeanParent
    Had to shut it down after it brought down my internet access 4 times in first 5 days. Keeps crashing the system at the time I set kids’ access to shut down or start up. Problem solved temporarily with reboots of routers. Will try to debug and update when I have time.
  • Not very good unless you are trying to block parents

    By Twosonsinc
    My daughter can still watch anything she wants and quickly found a work around. However, my wife and I are blocked from the internet and keep getting a “meet circle” page. I use my phone for my business and had no access till I disabled Circle. Now I am too scared to enable it again and affect my business. There is no support from Circle other than a frequently asked page. I am sure this thing works as it is advertised but it is to complicated for my family. I’m sure if I gave it to my daughter she would figure out how to set it up perfectly, but that is not it’s purpose.
  • Works great most the time

    By mum2aje
    I was easily able to get devices set up. However, if I didn’t know how to find MAC/wifi address I could have struggled some. I was a little surprised how many devices we have connected! I’ve got to reboot every couple of days. I don’t know how much of this is the circle or my internet. We had issues with our internet prior, it’s gotten a bit more troublesome. I think the next time I’m going to connect directly to router with Ethernet to see if that helps. That said - I love that I can pause the access with an app. I like that I can see where my kids are going online and what apps they are using. That there is no longer a bedtime hunt to locate devices - after a certain time it’s off. We are also using the recommended chore apps. The kids love being able to earn extra screen time, and have been more helpful with less arguments!
  • Destroys families

    By Cutie._.Dancer
    Doesn’t make anything better, just makes for some upset kids. Everything was better before this stupid Circle came into our family
  • Misleading ad for netgear router owners

    By JM5357t
    This is a paid service for netgear routers. They do not tell you this anywhere, until you install a firmware update, an app and begin setting up Circle.