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GoodNotes for Mac is a companion app for existing GoodNotes iOS users. GoodNotes for iOS is a stunning handwritten notes app on iPad/iPhone beloved by million of users. GoodNotes for Mac lets you view and manage your handwritten notes and documents in GoodNotes’ iCloud library. **Document editing features has been added in version 1.1 "Changed everything I do from note taking to surveying at work with my own templates! " Neiliocopter HIGHLIGHTS Stunning Digital Ink Your handwritten notes look beautiful on your Mac with high-resolution display as well as on your iOS devices. GoodNotes for Mac is powered by the same state-of-the-art digital ink technology as on its iOS version. iCloud Sync. Access to all your GoodNotes documents with fast iCloud sync. Sketch and annotate documents on your iOS devices and view them on all devices. Import PDFs and Images Drag and drop documents and images between GoodNotes and your Mac. Document Versioning. GoodNotes automatically saves versions of documents as you work on them. Browse through document versions and restore pages from old versions. Share and Print Documents. With access to all your documents in GoodNotes, sharing and printing documents require only a few clicks. Document Creation and Editing Create or edit notebooks on your Mac with mouse, trackpad or tablet using the intuitive editing tools: - Select Tool – Highlight or strikeout selected text in PDF documents - Edit Tool – Move, scale and change object color - Text Tool – Create text objects - Pen Tool – Pen drawing - Highlight Tool – Highlighter drawing - Eraser Tool – Erase lines Page Rearrangement Drag and drop to reorder pages in documents or to copy pages between documents. Bookmark Add bookmarks to your documents.



  • Not functional

    By Busy professor
    Everything I’ve experienced is in accord with other reviews. I love GoodNotes for IOS, it’s really great on my ipad. I would love to be able to sync also with my laptop, but the installation on my laptop does not update all the files and notebooks, I am hoping it will be fixed!!
  • Issue with Writing Tablet

    By Zach37473772
    I use my writing tablet with my mac to take notes, and on Noteability, I had not problems. I decided to try goodnote, and I noticed immediatly, whenever I would take off the pen, it would follow it around a little more, and leave an unwanted mark at the end when writing each letter. I don't have this issue in noteability or any other program, so I don't think this is an issue with my tablet. I would prefer this over noteability, but I can't because of this issue.

    By jdixvx
    you run the risk of losing forever whatever you typed by a single wrong keystroke. easy to erase, impossible to recover. also, no way to contact them and ask them how to resolve or to let them know. highly irresponsible developers. i will be finding another notes app.
  • Great

    By Yue8127
    This is an amazing app. I have used it on my phone, my ipad. I will trying out this application on the mac.
  • GoodNotes is OK at best

    By donniemosher
    I downloaded Goodnotes because I take notes during meetings on my iPad and I take notes at my desk on my MAC. I am having issues keeping versions correct on notes. Yesterday I worked from home on MAC#1 and made note updates. Today I am in the office and cannot get MAC#2 to update the version which means maybe yesterdays notes did not update in icloud. Now on the website there is no ability to open a request, ask a question or anything so I am just to live with this. It must be nice to sell an app with ZERO support.
  • Great but...

    By Leweise
    I love this app BUT on the Ipad there is a tool that will make a perfect circle or square or line when you draw a lousy one. I can't find that tool on the desktop version. It needs to be there!!!!!! It would make this app perfect.
  • Easy notetakeing across iOS and MacOS

    I love the integration and the compatability with the Apple Pencil. My needs are pretty basic, the only thing missing is Dark Mode.
  • Revolutionized Studying

    By danimalpanda
    Before going digital, I always wish I had kept my notes from previous semesters. I develop relationships with material, and it is nice to recall and share information with friends and tutees who are studying similar material. This app allows me to quickly search through all my notes and share how I simplified a complex subject to make it easy to understand and memorize. Compared to Notability, this app (Goodnotes) is much more on track with my needs. I like to minimize the sidebard without it changing the size of the window. I like to open multiple notes at once. I like to be able to search and see all the options at the left, rather than having to open each note one by one. Goodnotes is far superior for the no-frills keep your notes in one place. On the other hand, when I hear a lecture and wish to record it and swipe fastly between pages, Notability has an edge. I need them both for their features, but ultimately for studying, Goodnotes is the best, smoothest, and easiest to find entries.
  • Needs improvement

    By Farawwww
    Overall, it gets the job done. However, it could be improved. Many times the app sort of freezes when I'm using the "text" option and I try to edit a different text box. There's also a pretty big gap in the iCloud syncing. It takes a few minutes and really hinders on my note-taking. The iPad version is fantastic and I wish more care was also put into this Mac version.
  • One annoying bug...

    By kalinjes
    I love using this app to annotate papers I have to read for class and my research, as well as taking notes! I took off a star because every time I try to change the text font size, the app crashes. Super frustrating! Otherwise, it's great!